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Triple P resources

Triple P’s founder, Professor Matt Sanders, is Professor of Clinical Psychology and the Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland.

He is an experiened clincial researcher in the prevention and treatment of child and adolescent mental health problems. He has received many competitive grant awards and has published extensively in international peer reviewed journals on the nature, causes, prevention and treatment of behavioural and emotional disturbance in children and adolescents.

Find out more about Triple P

Podcasts and other resourcesTriple P podcasts – Listen to Triple P founder Professor Matt Sanders discussing common parenting issues on Mornings with Madonna King, Radio 612 ABC.

Triple P websiteTriple P website – for more detailed information about how the Triple P program was developed and who is behind it.

Ask Professor Sanders

Below is a series of common questions parents ask about their children’s behaviour with audio responses from Professor Matt Sanders. Click the link to hear the answer to the question:

  1. Dealing with a new baby can be hard for older children. What kind of advice can you give parents who are about to bring home a new baby?
    Listen to Professor Sanders’ answer
  2. Sometimes a school will tell parents their children have been misbehaving in class. What can parents do to encourage better behaviour at school?
    Listen to Professor Sanders’ answer
  3. Many parents these days are busy and may feel stressed, but children can suffer from stress as well. How can parents and children handle stress better?
    Listen to Professor Sanders’ answer
  4. We see it all the time in the grocery store – a child throwing a tantrum while a parent looks on helplessly. What can parents do to ensure a good shopping?
    Listen to Professor Sanders’ answer
  5. What’s the best way to give children meaningful praise?
    Listen to Professor Sanders’ answer
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