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Seminar or group – which is best for me?

“As I walked into the seminar, the look on the other parents’ faces instantly revealed I was not alone – that in itself was a massive weight taken off my shoulders.”

Triple P seminars

Whether you just need reassurance that you are on the right track or maybe you are noticing a few problem behaviours that are becoming difficult to manage – Triple P seminars are a short, yet valuable introduction to positive parenting strategies.

Three 90 minute seminars help you feel more confident and ready to deal with the common child behavioural and emotional issues.

The seminars are interactive and allow plenty of time for you to ask questions about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. Your accredited Triple P leader will be happy to discuss your family’s individual concerns and help and support you to work out positive parenting solutions for your family.

Seminars are a great way to cover key areas and get help with problems, including:

  • why children tend to behave in certain ways
  • what methods children respond to best
  • dealing with behaviours such as aggression and disobedience
  • recognising and managing less obvious situations such as sadness, anxiety, difficulty with separation and problems mixing with other children.

Triple P groups

Triple P groups provide more targeted help for parents and carers. Perhaps you have already attended the seminars and you want help with a specific behavioural issue in more detail. Or maybe you are looking for more in-depth support and advice that goes deeper into positive parenting strategies.

These more intensive group sessions consist of four two-hour sessions (once per week), followed by three 15–30 minute one-on-one telephone calls (once per week) to discuss your individual progress and then a final group session.

The great thing about doing a Triple P group is that typically they are small and friendly, with parents just like you. The ongoing phone support can be especially helpful.

Group sessions are organised by your local Triple P leader according to demand.

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