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Parenting resources

Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks in life. Parents can’t be expected to have the right answers all the time so here are some resources that can offer advice and parenting tips to give you a helping hand.

Articles and magazines

Caring for babies

Having a baby is one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it’s also natural to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Aboriginal families

Aboriginal families

Ideas about activities for children and basic child development information using words from Indigenous languages.

Triple P positive parenting program

Living with toddlers

Life can be very exciting for you and your toddler as they grow rapidly between the ages of one and three!

Parenting blog

Support for dads

Whether you are a new dad or have older children - being involved in your child's life is important.

Triple P positive parenting program

General parenting

Tips and advice on how to survive the dramas and help your child develop to their full capacity.

Triple P positive parenting program

School A to Z

A new website offering parents practical advice about homework, tips on learning, wellbeing, technology and resources.

Triple P positive parenting program

Love, talk, sing, read, play

Advice and information on the social and emotional development of your child.