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Caring for babies

As a new or first time parent, you may not have had a lot of experience with babies. While having a baby is one of the best things you’ll ever do, it’s also natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous or a bit scared.

You will probably have lots of questions about your baby. Understanding what babies are like may help make it easier to care for your baby. Click on the articles below to find tips and expert advice on how to give your baby the very best care and guidance.

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Publication - What are babies like?

What are babies like?

It can be scary looking after a newborn baby, but it helps if you understand some of the physical things about babies.

Publication - Right from the start

Right from the start

Babies learn and respond from the time they are born and a baby’s brain grows more in the early months of life than at any other time.

Publication - Caring for yourself

Caring for yourself

It’s easy to find caring for a baby overwhelming and it’s easy to think no-one else can possibly be feeling like this.

Publication - Living with babies

Living with babies

Find out about feeding, sleeping, bathing, teething, games and more.

Publication - Crying


Crying is the only way that a helpless baby can get their needs met.

Publication - Never shake a baby

Never shake a baby

Bringing up children is never easy and sometimes it’s hard to cope, especially when caring for a baby…

Publication - Attachment


The bond between you and your baby is called ‘attachment’. Attachment happens in the first few months of your baby’s life…

Publication - Your baby's safety

Your baby’s safety

Babies are totally dependent on their parents or carers to make sure they are safe.

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