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Who we are

Families NSW is the NSW Government’s overarching strategy to enhance the health and wellbeing of children up to 8 years and their families.

Families NSW does this by:

  • helping parents to build their skills and confidence in parenting
  • supporting parents and carers so they can respond to problems early
  • building communities that support children and families
  • improving the way agencies work together to make sure families get the services they need.

Families NSW is the joint responsibility of three government agencies, working together to make a positive difference for children and families. These agencies are:

These agencies work with each other, as well as with non-government organisations and communities, to support families in raising children up to 8 years.

What we do

Families NSW is a NSW Government initiative. Since it’s inception in 1998 more than $190 million has been invested on innovative, evidence based services.

Projects have included:

  • providing more than 250,000 home visits for new parents and babies. More than 70,000 families are offered a home visit each year by child and family health nurses
  • establishing 51 Schools as Community Centres statewide, to help link families with schools from early childhood
  • establishing more than 180 Supported Playgroups across NSW. These playgroups are coordinated by a trained professional to give parents an informal way to share experiences and build confidence in parenting
  • establishing local antenatal programs to assist with the early identification of vulnerable families and the development of care pathways to improve access to services.

Over the next four years the NSW Government will build on these efforts in providing:

  • assessment for every pregnant and postnatal woman in NSW to identify issues that she may need extra help with including depression and other emotional problems
  • this program will be called Safe Start and will assist in identifying and providing appropriate options for women who need extra support at this important time
  • early literacy and numeracy assessment for all children as soon as they start school. This will allow teachers to determine how well a child can read, write, speak and count and provide additional support if required
  • the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) for all parents with a child 3-8 years. Triple P is an evidence based parenting program, aimed at equipping parents with the tools and skills they need to build a positive relationship with their child
  • a 24 hour parenting helpline for parents with children and adolescent (0-18 years). Trained counsellors will be available to answer a range of questions, from sleeping in infancy and managing discipline to parenting a teenager.

A map of what we do

Families NSW annual reports

Evaluation of Triple P implementation

Email us for pdf files of the full report and appendices.